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Your skin will feel silky smooth after gentle yet effective waxing treatment. Hard wax is used on the most gentle and sensitive areas like the face, underarms, and bikini, for a much less painful experience than strip wax. Chamomile strip wax is most effective on the legs, arms, back, and chest. Wax is never recycled.

Eyebrow Sculpting $30

Brow sculpting transforms your look by combining waxing, tweezing and trimming. Our brow sculpting is performed by trained and experienced estheticians. A well-shaped pair of eyebrows will frame your face and define your eyes.

Brow Tweezing $35

Chin Wax $15

Lip Wax $15

Back Wax $55

Shoulders $20

Chest $40

Underarms $25

Abdomen $25

Half Arm Wax $35

Full Arm Wax $70

Bikini Wax $60

Brazilian Wax (women only) $95

Half Leg Wax $45

Full Leg Wax $95

Hands $10

Neck Wax $15

Feet $10