Brazilian Waxing in Boston at Unique Verve

For brazilian waxing we use the highest quality wax, formulated with ingredients such as pine, chamomile and azulene.  Gentle for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Our approach provides a quick, virtually painless efficient waxing experience. We use non strip, hard wax. It grips the hair, not the skin, so there’s less “pinch” with each pull.

Sanitation is top priority for us – we always wear gloves when performing bikini or brazilian wax, and we never double dip in the wax pot but use individual disposable cups for each client so it stays germ free. We never recycle our wax!

We try to make brazilian waxing as “painless-as-possible” and have mastered all sorts of techniques to minimize the “ouch” factor. If you are a waxing “virgin” (whether at Unique Verve or just in general), we want you to let us be your first (we promise you won’t regret).

We also use hard wax on the other most gentle and sensitive areas like eye-brows, face and underarms, for a much less painful experience than strip wax.

Chamomile strip wax is most effective on the legs, arms, back, and chest. Our wax is never recycled!

Please call us at 617-595-2510 for any inquiries or to schedule an appointment.

*brazilian and bikini waxing is available for female clients only.



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