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Boston Common Magazine Press | October 4, 2016 | Style & Beauty

Natalie was selected as one of the Boston-area skincare experts by Boston Common Magazine for their piece “How to Revamp Your Skincare Routine for Fall”.

Beauty Break Press: My Beauty & Fitness Gurus (by Marni Elyse Katz Dec 16, 2014)

I’ve been meaning to write about my beauty squad for a while. I used to write the annual Best of Beauty picks for local magazine Improper Bostonian, so believe me when I say I’ve tried a lot of beauty services in Boston. It’s always fun asking an aesthetician to wax just one side of your bikini line so you can have another aesthetician attack the other side. Same with eyebrows (though not really recommended). With all that experimentation and plethora of free services, I’ve actually remained pretty loyal to my longtime favorite hair stylist, facialist, spa, and mani/pedi place in Boston—Kristen Moshiek,  Natalie Maibenko, Mandarin Oriental Boston Spa, and MiniLuxe.

Here’s a little bit more about each of them, and others I rely on to get me gorgeous. (Note: These lovely ladies are not paying me, and don’t provide me with regular free services. I have received comps from some of them through work, but these are the professionals to whom I pay money when I need beauty help. They’re that good.)

Natalie Maibenko is my absolute favorite aesthetician in Boston, and one of my favorite people.

First of all this generous and ambitious Eastern European beauty has been servicing my skin for many years. I first discovered her at Beaucage as well. She was a massage therapist then, and gave me the best massage ever. Ever. When it was time to write Best Ofs one year, I tracked her down at an Aveda salon near Quincy Market for a repeat performance. Because of all the excellent local publicity, Natalie was able to forge out on her own with a small South End practice.

Now Natalie has her own beautifully designed space, Unique Verve, on Newbury Street, where she concentrates on facials. Most noteworthy is that Natalie is always up on the latest skin science and consistently invests in new technologies. As a result her newest tool is a Visia skin scanner, which gives a multi-dimensional view of six aspects of the skin for individualized facial rejuvenation treatments. But I’ll let Natalie explain it. So, make an appointment.

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In the Press: InStyle Beauty Black Book: Top Salons, Spas and Services

Best Facial in Boston 2010 by InStyle Magazine

Press: Best Facial in Boston 2010 by InStyle Magazine

After steaming pores at the city’s top spas, aesthetician Natalie Maibenko went solo a few years ago. As a result she opened up her tranquil South End skin studio. Shunning harsh ingredients in her anti-aging facials, she packs vitamin A and C into her peels and serums to erase fine lines and reduce pigmentation as well as boost collagen production.

In the Press: Natalie Maibenko is the Winner of Boston's Best Facial in 2010 by Improper Bostonian Magazine

Boston’s Best Facial 2010 by Improper Bostonian Magazine

Press: Boston’s Best Facial 2010 by Improper Bostonian Magazine

Trained in skincare and massage, Natalie Maibenko makes her own organic oils. She also incorporates healing rubs into the facials at her tranquil studio. Shunning deep peels and scrubs, she packs vitamins A as well as vitamin C in her arsenal of serums to erase fine lines, inhibit and reduce pigmentation, as well as boost collagen production. Consequently, the end result is a lasting glow.

In the Press: Read about our Vitamin C Revitalizing Facial with Revitalight LED Light Therapy in Improper Bostonian Magazine.

Improper Bostonian’s Review on Our Best Facial in Boston

Press: January 2010 Improper Bostonian Magazine

Vitamin C Revitalizing Facial with Revitalight LED Treatment.

Description: The facial and the LED treatment work to reduce fine lines and make skin healthier. A photostimulation process encourages collagen production without turning you into a Hollywood housewife.

Health Benefits: This isn’t a gimmicky facial that leaves you smelling line Sunny D. Vitamin A and C serums help reverse sun damage, while the LED light is rejuvenating without pesky UV rays.

Novelty Factor: Electrical stimulation from a “galvanic machine” coaxes your skin to absorb the vitamins.

Account: Starting with the LED treatment, the therapist covers your eyes and moves a small light slowly around your face – like an erazer removing each, tiny flaw. Next, your skin is coated with a fruit bowl’s worth of nutrients. After a few applications, it’s time for an upper-body massage.

As a result: Clearer skin with fewer fine lines.

In a Nutshell: “Feels like I cheated plastic surgery.”

In the Press: Best of Boston 2010 by Boston Magazine

Best of Boston 2010 by Boston Magazine

Press: Best of Boston Massage 2010 by Boston Magazine

We like it rough, but that bruise on our shoulder? Ouch. And do-nothing spa massages? A waste of a good nap. With a just-right blend of relaxation and technical know-how, Natalie  at Unique Verve can adjust to whatever your need may be – a lulling back rub to relieve stress, serious bodywork for injuries and muscle tightness. No matter the case, she uses her custom-made aromatherapy oils to deliver an intensive massage session that’s both effective and blissfully quite.

In the Press: Best of Boston 2009 by Boston Magazine

Best of Boston 2009 by Boston Magazine

Press: Best of Boston Massage 2009- Runner Up, Boston Magazine

“It was hard to find a bad massage – if indeed there is such a thing – in this year’s bunch. Natalie at Unique Verve put us quite pleasantly to sleep…”- Best of Boston 2009 edition, Boston Magazine.

In the Press: Natalie Maibenko Vitamin-Enriched Facials Awarded for Boston's Best Facial in 2009 by Improper Bostonian Magazine

Boston’s Best Facial 2009 by Improper Bostonian Magazine

Press: Boston’s Best Facial 2009 by Improper Bostonian Magazine

Natalie Maibenko’s vitamin-enriched facials at Unique Verve combine pampering practices. She also incorporates results-oriented techniques that not only feel good, but leave your skin vastly impoved over the long term. Maibenko’s touch is also light. Her aromatherapy potions heavenly, so you can drift off while she does her work efficiently, quietly and always with a smile.

In the Press: Boston's Best 2008 by Improper Bostonian Magazine

Boston’s Best 2008 by Improper Bostonian Magazine

Press: Boston’s Best Massage 2008 by Improper Bostonian Magazine

After stints at salons and spas around the city, massage therapist and esthetician Natalie Maibenko launched Unique Verve. In a subterranean South End space with Japanese-inspired decor, Maibenko, a petite beauty with amazing strength in her hands, blends essential oils and gets to work, penetrating muscles you thought would never give.

In the Press: Boston's Best 2007 by Improper Bostonian Magazine

Boston’s Best 2007 by Improper Bostonian Magazine

Press: Boston’s Best Massage 2007 by Improper Bostonian Magazine

We like it hard and deep. But don`t mistake that for a no-frills experience, please. We want it all – strong hands and ambiance. That`s why Maibenko is tops in our book. This pretty Eastern European transplant is stronger than she looks. She also communicates blissfully with your muscles, stretching and rubbing as well as applying deep pressure to just the right spots.

Press: Juli B Boston, August 2008

Natalie Maibenko Unique Verve blends nourish skin, smell heavenly and infuse all sorts of added bennies. There’s a ginger-scented mixture for aching muscles, an invigorating energizer with eucalyptus and grapefruit and a calming concoction of patchouli and chamomile. hence, one’s bound to match your mood. For an extra boost, book one of maibenko’s aromatherapy facials.