In 2016 I developed debilitating health problems that back then seemed to appear from nowhere. In reality however nothing in our bodies happen overnight or appear out of nowhere.

What started out as hair loss, fatigue, trouble sleeping, then morphed into anxiety, insomnia, heart palpitations, hot flashes. And even memory loss.

I was desperate for answers and solutions. When I saw several physicians, this is the point when I was expecting to get guidance for recovering my health. Instead the only solution that I received was anti-depressants. For a person who has never taken any medications, it was not acceptable answer.

I felt defeated and frustrated. Intellectually with every cell in my body I knew that there must be logical, physiological reasons for my health problems. This is when I decided to take healing into my own hands. Which lead me to the path of intense learning of Functional Medicine science.

It also lead me doing a vast research into the supplements because at that point of my life my body needed missing nutrients to fill in the “gaps” in order to provide triage, healing and recovery.

I learnt that almost all of the supplements sold today deliver no provable benefits, many can be counterfeit. Most of the supplements sold on the internet are not manufactured and stored in temperature regulated facilities that compromise efficacy of supplements.

One of my health challenges was severe toxicity. It has directed me to look for scientifically researched ingredients that are the highest quality, effective, bioavailable, bioactive, safe, free of any additives, fillers, binders, GMOs. Because of toxicity my body and immune system was reacting to anything containing chemicals – it was like a canary in a coal mine.

As a functional medicine practitioner I partnered with the medical grade manufacturer to produce effective and safe supplements. This is when Unique Verve supplements were born.

High quality supplements can deliver life changing results, as they had done for me.

When you’re sleeping well, when there is balance between mental and physical health, you’re feeling your best.

I have spent years researching and sourcing, to bring you effective and safe supplements that actually work. It has become my obsession as a functional medicine practitioner to help others, like me who had experienced hopelessness in recovery. And our formulas have helped hundreds of my clients to restore their imbalances in their unique bodies.

Why you can trust Unique Verve supplements:


An important part of any supplement plan is choosing good-quality products. This guarantees that the vitamins, minerals, herbs and other nutrients you take will provide the benefits your body needs. To be considered a supplement must be tested by an outside (third-party) source that can verify its quality.

Nutritional supplements are divided into four categories: