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At Unique Verve, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to skincare that combines scientific research with holistic practices. Our team utilizes cutting-edge skincare equipment and techniques to ensure the best facials in Boston, MA.

However, what truly sets us apart is our genuine care for our clients and our commitment to providing exceptional service. From personalized treatment plans to follow-up care, we strive to make every client feel valued and supported on their skincare journey. With a focus on knowledge, technology, care, and service, Unique Verve is dedicated to helping every client achieve glowing, youthful skin.

This combination of skincare and expertise has resulted in Unique Verve winning numerous accolades and been awarded Best Facial Boston by InStyle Magazine, Allure Magazine and Improper Bostonian Magazine.

Best Facial Boston - Achieve glowing, youthful skin at Unique Verve

Best Facial Boston

Signature First Time Facial

2 hrs $425

Unique Verve’s signature First Time Facial is recognized as the best facial in Boston. It is performed by Natalie Maibenko, owner of Unique Verve with over 20 years experience in skincare and certified functional medicine practitioner.

Natalie has a comprehensive knowledge of skin’s histology and function. She looks at the skin 3 dimensionally. She knows what systems and cells impact the surface of the skin. She can effectively treat various skin conditions (such as aging, hyper-pigmentation, acne).

Our facial treatments start with the state-of-the-art diagnosis with the Visia Skin Scanner. The scanner provides a complete analysis of your skin, helping you understand and learn about your skin. It also captures any underlying skin problems which you cannot see with the naked eye, and helps track the progress of our customized treatments.

We use Environ Skincare products, a medical grade skincare line that offers dramatic and long lasting results. Environ products assists with collagen formation and elastin improvement to rejuvenate skin, address pre-mature ageing, sun damage, wrinkles and scarred skin.

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Our luxurious, customized facials include active ingredients, ultrasound and iontophoresis for vitamin therapies, peels, LED therapy and CooLifting.

* Due to the use of advanced modalities, we are unable to perform First Time facial during pregnancy. However, this treatment is considered safe and permissible for individuals who are breastfeeding.

* Please be sure to inform us of any recent (within the past two weeks) Botox or injectables when booking your facial appointment as you would not be able to receive any facial procedures.

After your First Time Facial, you can choose from our full menu of facial treatments.

Our First Time Facial begins with a comprehensive analysis using the state-of-the-art Visia Skin Scanner. This cutting-edge technology allows us to delve beneath the surface layers of your skin, examining aspects that are not visible to the naked eye. Based on the detailed analysis results from the Visia Skin Scanner, we can meticulously tailor your facial treatment to address your specific skin condition, type, and individual needs. This analysis also provides a valuable baseline for tracking the progress of your facial and at-home skincare regimen over time.

Following the Visia Skin Scanner assessment, our advanced and results-driven facial treatment unfolds, encompassing a series of meticulous steps:

  1. Cleansing: The treatment begins with a thorough cleansing of the face to remove makeup, dirt, and excess oil. This step ensures a clean canvas for the rest of the procedure. 
  2. Exfoliation: Dead skin cells are gently removed from the surface of the skin through exfoliation.
  3. Coupled with a soothing massage and the application of steam. Steam is used to expand the pores, making it easier to remove impurities and prepare the skin for deeper treatment.
  4. Gentle extractions, if necessary: Your esthetician, Natalie performs extractions to clear clogged pores and remove blackheads or whiteheads. This step can help prevent breakouts and improve skin texture.
  5. Toning to rebalance and prepare the skin for the vitamin infusion.
  6. Utilization of ultrasound technology and pulsed iontophoresis to enhance the absorption of active ingredients, including vitamins, growth factors, melanin-inhibiting agents, and peptides.
  7. Application of a calming, rejuvenating mask, enhanced with pulsed iontophoresis to facilitate deeper penetration of active ingredients.
  8. A relaxing chest and arm massage with aromatherapy oils.
  9. Hydrating moisturizer application.
  10. Finish with the application of SPF for sun protection. 

This comprehensive approach ensures that your First Time Facial at Unique Verve is tailored to your unique skin profile and is designed to provide optimal results, leaving your skin refreshed and rejuvenated.


Unique Verve

Natalie is incredible and is so knowledgeable in our practice. I have continued seeing Natalie because the facials are incredible, and my skin always leaves me feeling and looking better than before! I see clear improvements in my skin after every session. Natalie takes the time to listen to your needs and really dives deep into your health/skin concerns, which is not commonly seen in practitioners and difficult to come by! I highly recommend seeing Natalie if you want to see improvements in your skin and overall health, she also specializes in functional medicine and is extremely knowledgeable. She really takes the time with her clients and never rushes any treatment. Thank you Natalie for helping me feel and look better than ever. I can’t recommend her enough!

Vanessa Gonzales

I’m so happy I found Unique Verve a few years ago! Natalie is a great skincare specialist. Her facials and the products she recommended have transformed my skin. I keep getting compliments on how glowy and healthy my skin looks. I’ve also tried a detox program Natalie suggested, and I can’t recommend it enough. It helped with bloating, lack of energy and weight loss and made my whole body feel better.

Maria Palienko

5 stars only because there’s no option for 10! Natalie is absolutely incredible! After moving to Boston, for the life of me (and a ton of research), I could not find a great esthetician–one that spends quality time with a client, uses top products, and is a true specialist in their field. Natalie has such a calming presence, knows EVERYTHING about the products and procedures she offers, and literally creates a refuge for the 2 hours during which she works her magic on you! And the magic is worth every penny! Thank goodness I found you, Natalie!!!

Liz Cal

I’ve never felt moved to write a Google review before. I’m doing this just because Natalie is that good. (“Good” isn’t a good enough word. She’s amazing.) I have seen her for facials for a number of years and always appreciated her scientific approach, her dedicated research skills, and her ability to sift through all the latest technologies and products in a critical way, selecting only the best for her clients. She’s also technically gifted–great at massage and application of products (I often fall asleep during treatments, because she’s so relaxing and gentle). Just from those visits, my skin noticeably improved (texture, elasticity, and redness).I’m a pretty skeptical person, so when she said she was starting to offer functional medicine consultations, I unsure if it was for me. She didn’t push it at all though (this is something I appreciate about Natalie as well–she never over-sells). Eventually, because I trusted her skills and her scientific mind, I decided to take a leap.I went for a consultation with generalized symptoms–nothing conventional medicine could help with, mostly relating to inflammation.I went through the whole functional medicine program. Natalie was very patient with my over-burdened scheduled and inability to completely conform to each of her recommendations. She kept adapting to my needs while also making clear which of her recommendations was most important. She provided lots of information, including primary source articles from science journals, which I appreciated (I imagine the amount of information could be too much for some people, but I think she adapts to each client). I took her recommendations to heart and was eventually able to make major lifestyle changes.About three months later I learned that I had cleared a chronic infection; my systolic blood pressure was down ten points; my joint inflammation was completely gone; I no longer had recurring headaches; and my skin was less sensitive. I also lost over twenty pounds, which wasn’t something I was trying to do, but it happened as a positive side-effect. (I actually continue to lose weight.) The changes were almost unbelievable.I’m not saying functional medicine is a cure-all. I still manage sensitivity issues, and I’m sure my routine will have to adapt as I age, but I am *so* glad I found Natalie to help me through all this. I have never had such positive results from a health and wellness routine, and I have tried many (whole 30, cleanses, elimination diets, fasts). I trust Natalie completely and recommend her fully, without reservation.

Emily du Houx

I would 100% recommend Unique Verve! I see Natalie and she’s always very professional and friendly. Not to mention knowledgeable! She knows skin and skincare products. I’ve been seeing her for nearly two years and she really invests time in getting to know you and your skin. She’ll recommend what regimen to do (and which ones to not do), how to adjust your diet (because we are what we eat) for better results and take her time in answering any/all questions you may have for her. The space is always immaculate and I always feel welcomed when I walk in.

Naomi Ward

Natalie had given me wonderful facials for years, but I am writing this review because she enabled me to experience a dramatic improvement in my overall health and sense of well-being through application of her functional medicine expertise. I had had a stressful year and attributed my palpitations, chronic waking up between 2-4 am, ongoing hot flashes (10 years after menopause), higher than desirable blood sugar, and periodic bouts of itchy skin — as well as the fact that I never seemed able to lose the 5-10 pounds I wanted to lose – to “getting older,” having stressful work, my mother passing away after a long period of decline, and other external factors. I had spoken about each issue to my doctors – and had had a complete cardiac evaluation – with the result being that I was told I really had nothing to worry about. So I was going along assuming that I should just accept the fact that – at 61 – I was going to have physical discomforts and not great sleep. I kept working out to stay relatively fit, but I felt as though I was never 100% healthy and energetic.After Natalie’s thorough, customized assessment I learned that my internal biochemistry was in disarray – I had a clinically high level of mercury (after a misguided sense that sushi was always healthy), genetic impairments that were preventing me from absorbing multiple key vitamins and minerals, elevated blood sugar due more to internal imbalances and overloads than to what I was eating, a very high sensitivity to gluten (despite not being allergic to it), and a liver that needed me not to rely on 1-2 glasses of wine each night to alleviate stress. Natalie developed a nutrition and supplement plan for me, explaining the science behind each recommendation and providing me with relevant research articles, and gave me many tips about how to make my life more healthy. After ten weeks, carefully following Natalie’s recommendations, I feel so much better it is hard to explain. I have very few palpitations and hot flashes, and my skin is no longer itchy. I wake up at night but always go back to sleep easily and never have arrhythmias or an accelerated heart rate at night. My transient dizziness is gone, I feel more inherently stable and grounded, and the weight fell off me without effort. I have not yet been retested but feel confident that my mercury level is no longer high.Natalie both inspires and teaches – without being judgmental or insensitive. She is phenomenal at this work, in part because she is clearly passionate about it. I feel certain that i will live a longer, healthier, happier life because of the guidance and support she has provided. I cannot thank Natalie enough, or recommend her more highly.

Jennifer Davis

I have been a client of Natalie’s for about 7 years now. Until this year Natalie was solely my esthetician, helping me literally turn back the clock when it came to aging without the use of botox or fillers. Natalie and I would often discuss diet and lifestyle habits that could affect the quality and appearance of the skin. During these conversations I was always in awe of Natalie’s knowledge of the body and her curiosity about my overall health. She listened compassionately as I shared issues related to my thyroid and hormone health and my frustration with generally feeling unwell. So earlier this year when Natalie began offering functional medicine services, I came onboard right away.

Prior to working with Natalie I had worked with several functional medicine practitioners. Not one has helped me the way that Natalie has. Her listening skills are unparalleled. She listens critically but also with great compassion. When you share your issues with her you don’t feel judged or “crazy”. She asks questions and probes with the skill of a researcher, trying to unearth as much information as she can to direct her work. Once she complies all of the information, she determines what testing is necessary for her to get a better picture of what is going on in your body. Natalie is thoughtful and deliberate when it comes to selecting testing. Previous practitioners would just list out thousands of dollars of testing, insisting that I needed every single one. Natalie is not like that. In fact, one of the tests Natalie selected for me was one that no other practitioner had offered me. It was actually a very affordable test. And as it turned out, that test gave me the most important information of all. I had been suffering from a parasite for some time. Without Natalie’s suggestion, I never would have taken this particular test or found out about the stealth infection hiding out and wreaking havoc in my gut.

After working with Natalie these last few months I have seen HUGE improvements in my overall health. I plan on continuing my work with Natalie, confident that my improvements will be even greater.

I highly recommend working with Natalie! You will not be disappointed!

Liz Vagianos

I love going for facials by Natalie! My skin is so vibrant for 2 weeks after. Such a relaxing atmosphere. She takes the time to analyze your skin…and gives the best massages! She is extremely pleasant and professional. 10/10!

Emily Asselin

I had a CooLifting treatment on my face. I left super hydrated and my skin looks amazing. Perfect treatment for winter. Thank you.

Bill Hinchley

Best facials of my life. I started seeing Natalie a few months before my wedding – both as a means to get my skin in glowing shape but also to de-stress. She has a magically calming presence while also educating you about your skin’s structure and how to treat it. I’ve had her do it all to me – from vitamin infusions to pulsing ultrasound treatments and even LED anti-aging skin therapy. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone!!! Best facial in Boston, hands down.

Jessica Maniatis

Natalie at Unique Verve provided me with the most thorough facial and evaluation I have ever received. And I have had many facials. Their environ products are a must have to continue the maintenance. I give them a A plus.

Carolina Tess Balsbaugh

In the 9 months I have been seeing Natalie, she has literally transformed my skin. She has helped me understand what products to use and how to properly care for my skin. She always makes me feel like she is truly invested. She is professional yet genuine and caring and the spa is beautiful and serene! Try Unique Verve once and you will never want to go anywhere else for facials!

Maru Rantoul

I highly recommend Unique Verve — definitely the best facial I’ve gotten in Boston. Natalie is a awesome. Not only is she super sweet, but she’s very knowledgeable about what she does. My entire facial was really pleasant — I felt like I left Unique Verve not only really relaxed and pampered, but informed as to steps I can take on my own to improve my skin. Great experience overall.

Martha Carl

Best facials in boston – period.


You need to make an appointment for the best facial ever. Unique Verve, in Back Bay Boston is aptly named. It is a rare gem among any skin care salon in Back Bay and beyond. Natalie Maibenko’s care and expertise has contributed to my skin looking radiant, clear, and balanced. I regularly book the Active Vitamin Facial with Natalie. My skin hasn’t looked this great since I was in my twenties and I am currently in my fifties. Don’t put off investing and maintaining healthier skin. Natalie is the best and the Environ Skin care line she uses is outstanding.

Karen Provanzano

Unique Verve is absolutely wonderful. Natalie is so skilled at identifying skin needs and is just a lovely person. I’ve seen her for facials for years but took a break right for one year after having another baby. After my first visit back, I was reminded why I see Natalie. My skin was brighter, smoother and less red. Natalie is THE best!

Kara Brown

So relaxing! Always a wonderful facial.

Mary Kilroy

I enjoy my facials at Unique Verve and visibly notice the difference after each session. Natalie not only consistently produce great results, but she is also lovely to spend time with, is very knowledgeable about skin and products, and is extremely customer-focused.
I highly recommend Unique Verve for anyone who wants to take care of their skin for now and well into the future. I wish I met Natalie years ago!

Lina M

Natalie is warm, friendly, professional and extremely knowledgable about skin and skincare products/treatments/devices. I have very sensitive and dry skin and after my first facial I already noticed a huge difference. She has also helped my skin survive the Boston winter, which is often a huge challenge for me. I can honestly say that Unique Verve is the best facial spa I have ever been too – the facials are the perfect mix of relaxing (including a lot of massage) and effective medical grade treatments. Natalie takes such care when performing her facials and you leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated (both your skin and body). I could not recommend Natalie high enough 🙂

Kate Godfrey
Unique Verve has been my go-to place for facials for years! Best facial you get in Boston
Patty Quispe

Natalie is simply the best and gives the best facial in Boston. She is so knowledgeable and leaves your skin glowing. Natalie takes time to really understand each person’s skin concerns and works with you to select the right products that actually improve your skin – without pushing products you don’t need. I cannot recommend her enough!!

Christine Karabin

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Facial Treatments We Offer

If you don't have time to do a First Time Facial, you can schedule the following instead.

CooLifting Treatment

20 mins $175

CooLifting Facial

90 mins $375

This new cutting edge technology is safe, fast, effective and delivers instant results. Your skin will be immediately glowing, firmer and more hydrated. You will also be able to see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles right after the treatment.

LED Treatment

40 mins $130

This facial treatment entails cleansing, toning, LED light panel (incorporates blue, red and near-infrared lights), moisturizer

Virtual Skincare Consultation

45 mins $250

I will review your current skincare routine, evaluate your skin condition. Based on your unique skin type, skin condition and goals, I will recommend a customized home skincare product regimen.

$125 will go towards the purchase of skincare products.

Skin Wellness Programs

In addition to facials, we also offer wellness programs to improve your skin health

Identify the root causes  contributing to your skin conditions.

My aim is to help you finally understand WHY you are having these skin conditions and provide alternatives to common treatments like oral contraceptives, antibiotics, aggressive skincare regimens, and other medications.

This inflammation busting 4-week skin wellness program is suitable for all skin types and conditions, but especially for inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis.

Along with a targeted diet, I will be suggesting some lifestyle shifts and tools you may opt to incorporate. You may find them to be quite relaxing and powerful and keep them up moving forward to promote daily detoxification.

Questions About Our Facial Spa

A facial treatment is a specialized skincare procedure designed to improve and rejuvenate the skin's health and appearance. It typically involves a series of steps performed by an esthetician or skincare professional.

Never underestimate the significance of skin care, particularly for your facial complexion. The face is consistently exposed to environmental elements such as UVR (Ultraviolet Radiation), blue light, and other factors that elevate the presence of free radicals, consequently expediting the aging process.

Engaging the services of a skilled esthetician for a professional facial can play a pivotal role in decelerating the visible signs of aging. These treatments work to diminish the appearance of dark spots, enhance collagen production, which, in turn, reduces existing fine lines and wrinkles, and restores skin elasticity.

Feeling good about your appearance can significantly boost your overall well-being. Remember, self-care is not a luxury, but rather an essential investment in your health and confidence.

It is our specialization in non-invasive, results-driven skincare treatments. Each of our facials incorporates advanced skincare technologies designed to deliver noticeable and enduring outcomes.

Moreover, we recognize the profound benefits of massage in activating the parasympathetic nervous system, enhancing lymphatic function, promoting improved micro-circulation, and simultaneously relaxing facial muscles while providing deep rejuvenation. As part of our commitment to comprehensive care, we include an extensive facial, chest, and arm massage in all our facial treatments.

Our clients consistently attest to the unparalleled quality of our facial massages, often describing Natalie's touch as incomparable. We invite you to experience it for yourself and discover the difference of the best facial Boston.

Professional Treatment: Our facials are accompanied by expert guidance. Prior to any facial treatment, Natalie conducts a thorough assessment of your skin type and condition. She attentively listens to your specific skincare concerns and goals. Based on this evaluation, Natalie selects products and treatments that are not only tailored to your skin but also aligned with your objectives.

Enhances Circulation and Activates the Lymphatic System: Improved microcirculation and the activation of the lymphatic system play a crucial role in increasing oxygen levels and facilitating the nourishment of skin cells. This sustains the metabolic rate and promotes the healthy and efficient regeneration of skin cells. A consistent oxygen supply from enhanced microcirculation is vital for both the structural integrity and vitality of the skin.

Thorough Cleansing and Extractions: Your skin requires regular elimination of accumulated waste. Inadequate removal can lead to breakouts and heightened inflammation. This underscores the importance of professional deep cleansing to ensure proper removal of impurities.

Effective Exfoliation: Exfoliation is the process of gently removing dead skin cells from the skin's surface. The rate of shedding dead skin cells can vary with lifestyle and age, impacting skin texture and potentially leading to dryness and roughness.

Revitalization of the Skin: As skin ages, it may lose its radiance. At Unique Verve, we employ various methods, cutting-edge technologies, and medical-grade skincare products to support skin rejuvenation.

Anti-Aging Measures: Your face is unique, and its care is paramount. Regular facials and facial massages at Unique Verve stimulate cell regeneration and encourage collagen production, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

During your initial facial appointment, Natalie employs cutting-edge technology in the form of a state-of-the-art skin scanner device. This innovative tool is instrumental in uncovering underlying skin issues that are not visible on the surface of the skin and may be affecting your complexion. By utilizing this advanced technology, we can create a highly personalized and targeted skincare regimen tailored to your specific needs, whether you're dealing with concerns such as pigmentation, acne, rosacea, or the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Furthermore, our use of the Visia skin scanner allows us to effectively monitor the progress of your skin over time. This capability remains valuable whether you opt to continue receiving results-oriented treatments at our clinic or decide to pursue laser or other treatments in the future. We strongly recommend consistently tracking your skin's transformation to ensure that you receive the most effective and beneficial treatments for your unique skincare goals.

Our processes and expertise is what makes this the best facial Boston.

After your session, you can expect to depart feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and well-hydrated, with visibly healthy and radiant skin. Depending on the timing of your appointment, our approach may vary: For later appointments, your skin will be primed for the evening, eliminating the need for nighttime cleansing. Conversely, for early appointments, we will apply sun protection products and recommend a cleansing routine before bedtime.

Absolutely! Following your treatment, you can expect your skin to appear healthy and radiant, with a noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

The frequency of facials depends on your skin type and concerns. Typically, monthly facials help maintain healthy skin, while specific issues may require more frequent visits. Our facials can be done as often as weekly.

Yes, facials can be adapted to various skin types, from dry to oily and sensitive. Your facial treatment will be customized to suit your specific needs.

Our facials are downtime-free, as we employ non-invasive advanced techniques that result in radiant, rejuvenated, and youthful-looking skin.

Before your appointment, it's best to arrive with a clean face and avoid applying makeup. 

Your esthetician, Natalie will recommend products based on your skin's needs. It's essential to follow her advice to maintain the post-facial results and avoid products that could irritate your skin.

In our facial treatments, we exclusively utilize the Environ medical-grade skincare line, renowned for its ability to deliver noticeable and long-lasting results.

It's best to wait a few hours after a facial before applying makeup to allow your skin to breathe and absorb the benefits of the treatment.

Yes. Your esthetician, Natalie creates customized facial treatments that are tailored to your specific skin type, condition and needs (e.g. acne, aging, rosacea or pigmentation).

We do not accept walk-ins. Please make an appointment for a facial in advance via our online booking

The best way to make an appointment is on our website via our online booking.

While we do not offer traditional facial packages, we do provide Purely Results Treatment options. These alternatives are not only more cost-effective but also time-efficient compared to our standard facials. They utilize the same advanced modalities that yield remarkable results but exclude some of the fundamental facial steps, such as exfoliation, steam, massage, extractions, and mask application.

If you still have any questions, please email or call us


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Cancellation Policy

We have 48 hour cancellation policy. We require a valid credit card information for all reservations. Clients who are unable to provide 48 hour cancellation or reschedule notice, are responsible for a full service charge for missed, late cancelled, no-show and late start appointment.

Please be punctual. We work by appointment and reserve specific time for you. To avoid inconveniencing the next client, your treatment will end on time and the full price of your scheduled services will apply.

Please note late starts (up to 15 minutes) shorten the length of the session, but the rate for the service remains the same. Clients who are more than 20 minutes late are considered a no-show.

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