Functional Medicine Comprehensive Health History Assessment includes a review of your health history, detailed symptoms, dietary history, specific goals and review of any recent lab work.

During our call I will explain a chain of interconnectedness and root causes that are contributing to your symptoms and health challenges, so you can finally understand as to WHY you are experiencing certain imbalances and dysfunctions. We will also determine whether further functional medicine tests or advanced protocols are necessary and, if so, which ones would be most suitable.


Following the Comprehensive Health  History Assessment, I will create a personalized wellness plan tailored to your needs as part of my VIP 3-month Functional Medicine Program. Over the course of three months, we will work to address and reverse any imbalances and dysfunctions. I will also assess the suitability of hormone, immune, and gut testing for optimal results.

My aim is to help you identify and address the root causes of your health problems and provide alternatives to common treatments like medications and antibiotics.

Through the Functional Medicine lens I will educate you on ways to help you to optimize your health through looking at the interconnectedness in the body.

My training in applied Functional Medicine allows me to dig deep, looking for root causes of dis-ease so that they can be addressed and true transformation in the wellbeing can occur.

The Initial Health History Assessment and further sessions are held via phone. Payment is required upon booking.

Once the appointment is booked I will email you the Health History and Symptom Questionnaire forms to fill out. You will need to return them to me 72 hours prior to our session in order to provide me with adequate time to review and assess them.

This is a non-refundable program. Once the payment has been submitted, we are unable to accept any returns, unless more than 48 hour cancellation is provided.

Functional Medicine Comprehensive Health History Assessment VIP functional medicine sessions are held via phone. Payment is required upon booking.

The process involves the following steps:

  1. Schedule your Comprehensive Health History Assessment appointment.
  2. Make a payment via this link.
  3. Complete the required forms, including a comprehensive online intake form and a symptom questionnaire via a secure HIPAA-compliant portal called Practice Better, which I will provide – you will need to return them to me 72 hours prior to our session in order to provide me with adequate time to review and assess them.
  4. Have your consultation.
  5. Enroll in the 3-month VIP program – during a 3-months program we will be addressing and reversing your health challenges by applying dietary, lifestyle changes along with targeted supplements (if needed). The cost of review of any additional lab tests is included in a 3-months program. The cost of the supplements and lab tests are not included in this service. However, you will receive 10% discount on the pharmaceutical grade, bioactive supplements during a 3-months program.


Given the substantial initial investment in thoroughly reviewing your Comprehensive Health History Forms and Symptom Questainnaire, diligently analyzing the interrelated factors contributing to your acne or other skin and health concerns, and customizing your personalized program, we regret to inform you that we are unable to accommodate refund requests. Payment is required at the time of booking an appointment, and refunds will not be granted unless a minimum of 72 hours’ notice is provided. This policy also applies to instances of no-shows or unused session time. Appointments may be rescheduled with a minimum of 48 hours’ notice

To reschedule or cancel, please email me more than 48 hours prior scheduled session. Clients who provide less than 48 hours notice are responsible for the full service charge.

If you know you are going to be more than 5 minutes late, please let me know.

Please note late starts shorten the length of the session, but the rate for the service remains the same.


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  1. Jennifer Davis (verified owner)

    I have trusted NATALIE’s facials for years and found her to be both highly PROFESSIONAL and KNOWLEDGEABLE, as well as warm and kind. And she always makes my face look great. As someone whose work requires my skin to look good, I am very picky about facials and she provides excellent ones. I recently lost my mother to alzheimer’s and endured a period of extreme stress during which I experienced various physical symptoms including cardiac, skin and sleep issues. My medical tests indicated that i was basically fine but I felt depleted, emotionally and physically. I spoke to Natalie about this and she suggested multiple tweaks to my diet and lifestyle and proposed a full functional medicine evaluation. In the inital consultation for this she identified various possible causes for each of my symptoms and explained ways in which they were connected. I was struck by how consistently she considered the “whole picture” and was abLe to apply her wealth of functional medicine knowledge in an extremely practical, helpful manner. I decided to commit to a three-month functional medicine approach because I am convinced that Natalie can help me to achieve my best health. She listens and responds in a way that reflects not only a creative intelligence but also deep compassion and curiosity and a commitment to results. I set high standards for myself – both physically, in terms of fitness and beauty routines, and professionally. Natalie is helping me make the changes I need to make to live as long and as well as possible with a functional medicine approach that is more logical and comprehensive than anything any medical doctor has ever recommended to me. One of the biggest differences is her proactive – rather than reactive – approach. She considers not only what I am experiencing in the present but what that indicates for the future and how to make changes that will protect on-going health and well-being. I cannot recommend Natalie highly enough!

  2. hemisquare (verified owner)

    I approached Natalie for advice after two miscarriages, a fibroid surgery and being diagnosed with hypothyroidism at the age of 37. I am fairly health conscious and do what I can to eat healthy, work out and sleep well. However, some unexpected family related stress in the last 2 yrs, subconsciously had a severe impact on me emotionally and physically without me realizing it.

    Natalie, unravelled my story and got right to some root causes for my health issues literally in one phone call. She had clearly spent hours on research. First, going through my medical history, lifestyle and family history. Second, drawing connections across the board to arrive at a root cause. She took the time to explain everything and backed it up with scientific publications.

    I love Natalie’s approach and fully trust that my journey with her will lead to a better me. I will learn to prioritize health, tame stress and prepare my body for a lifetime of well being.

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