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We have Revitalash Gift Sets.

Posted on 24. Oct, 2018 by .

We are excited to have Revitalash Gift Sets! Revitalash is a great alternative to lash extensions. Lash extensions can alter the integrity of the delicate lashes and break them over longer period of time. Get Longer as well as Fuller Lashes naturally without any damaging effect! These advanced lash and brow conditioners contain a high impact BioPeptin Complex…

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Skincare Expert in Boston

Posted on 10. Jan, 2018 by .

We are honored to announce that Natalie Maibenko has been selected as a skincare expert in Boston by a local radio station, Country 102.5. Boston-based skincare expert Natalie Maibenko from Unique Verve on Newbury Street has the honor of winning Boston’s Best Facial title by InStyle Magazine, Allure Magazine, and Improper Bostonian along with winning Best of Boston (two…

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Best summer facial treatment

Posted on 21. Jul, 2017 by .

During this hot and humid time of the year you may question yourself, “What is the best summer facial treatment for the skin?”. Many spa-goers are still drawn to microdermabrasions and professional chemical peels thinking that they are the answer to all skin problems. However, neither is seasonally appropriate. What should you be thinking of…

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Did you know that our skin becomes thinner as we get older?

Posted on 16. Jan, 2017 by .

As we age, we may start to notice our skin is thinner than it used to be. Because of this, we may see more dark spots, visible capillaries and pores. Fine lines and wrinkles also become more obvious with thin skin. Skin starts to lack adhesion and elasticity.   The biggest reason why this thinning occurs is…

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Anti Aging Skincare Treatment in Boston

Posted on 07. Nov, 2016 by .

A New Revolutionary Anti Aging Skincare Treatment is in Boston! We are very happy to be the first skincare spa in the city of Boston to introduce and offer an innovative non-invasive anti aging  skincare treatment, CooLifting! We carefully choose what products and modalities to use on our clients. Our skincare vision is to correct,…

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Monthly Facials at Unique Verve in Boston

Posted on 06. Sep, 2016 by .

Monthly Facials and Their Amazing Benefits: Many people underestimate the power of professional monthly facials.  Unfortunately, most people think of a facial as a luxury. Or wait until they encounter a skin concern such as breakouts, acne, pigmentation, dryness, wrinkles, etc.  Many skin concerns can be prevented by monthly facials combined with appropriate at home…

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Facial Improvement Pictures

Posted on 21. Feb, 2016 by .

YES, OUR FACIALS WORK! Below you can see how effective are our facials by taking a look at Facial Improvement Pictures. With our advanced Visia skin scanner we can measure the difference in real scores and numbers. On the left hand side are the pictures before the facial. Pictures on the right were taken immediately following the…

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Track the Progress of Your Skincare Products and Facials with Visia Skin Analysis at Unique Verve.

Posted on 02. Mar, 2015 by .

Have you ever wondered if your home skincare routine is appropriate for your skin type and skin condition? Have you noticed any long-term effects after your facials? Do they treat just the symptom of your skin concern? Can they provide preventative, corrective and long-lasting results? Most of us spend a lot of money on the…

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Environ AVST 3

Posted on 28. Nov, 2014 by .

Environ®‘s AVST 3 contains moderately high levels of vitamins A and C as well as essential antioxidants. In addition it includes vitamins E, resveratrol and beta-carotene. Furthermore, this moisturizer is enriched with a peptide, which helps to stimulate healthy collagen and elastin production. As a result this moisturizer helps to reduce fine lines. It also helps to improve…

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Environ AVST 2

Posted on 28. Nov, 2014 by .

Environ®‘s AVST 2 This moisturizer contains medium levels of vitamin A and C. In addition it includes essential antioxidants including vitamins E, beta-carotene as well as resveratrol. Consequently it provides protection against UV irradiation and neutralize free radical damage. In conclusion this moisturizer helps to improve the look of fine lines. It also helps to reduce uneven skin tone and the appearance of…

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