Green tea – great for your skin and overall health!

Because of  its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, you can drink at least a cup of green tea  a day (unless advised otherwise by a doctor). It also promotes detoxification in the liver and kidneys. The polyphenols in this anti-oxidant potion help stimulate the microcirculation of blood by inducing the release of nitric oxide. This in addition helps to elasticize the capillary walls which in addition helps to eas the flow of blood.

Green tea polyphenols also promote the production of skin’s proteins collagen and elastin fibers. Therefore it’s great anti-aging drink.

The L-theanine in this tea also helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

Finally, it promotes fat burning and the production of energy. This one drink promotes all the principles of getting beautiful from within. It reduces inflammation (fantastic for acne and rosacea patients) and promotes healthy skin.

If you are a coffee drinker, switch your afternoon cup of coffee to green tea and your skin and body will be happy about the switch!

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