Where to purchase Environ Skincare products?

Where to purchase ENVIRON Skin Care Products? The Facts About Illegal On-Line Environ Unauthorized / Counterfeit Sales.

Fact: Environ Skin Care does not allow illegal on-line sales. Only authorized resellers and stockist are allowed to carry and sell Environ products. Unique Verve is a proud Authorized stockist of Environ products! As Environ skin care products have become the gold standard in professional/medical skin care cosmeceutical lines, there have been many attempts to circumvent Environ’s policy and counterfeit Environ’s products.

Fact: Cyber criminals and felons always seem to find a way. No matter how hard a company tries to prevent unauthorized sales, counterfeiting, trademark violations and fraud. You can see that with high end jewelry, purses/handbags, perfumes, memorabilia, autographs and even counterfeit money. In a backhanded way, it is a testament to our control of unauthorized selling. The power of the Environ brand that we have garnered the attention of criminals much the same as Rolex, Luis Vuitton, Prada, Channel, Cartier, Mont Blanc, and hundreds of other well known, high end brands and trademarks.

Fact: There has been one group of criminals that repeatedly find a way to sell Environ products online. As a result these products do not come from the factory. In many cases these products are not legitimate. Environ has received hundreds of customer complaints about their purchases. Here are some common complaints: products do not feel real, cause reactions, boxes are damaged, they have bad odors and poor results. The irony is that we often get calls complaining about Environ products being watered down, expired, orders placed and paid for but not sent, false charges on credit cards and the like.

When Environ follows up with the customer, Environ finds they have not purchased these products either from Environ or an authorized stockist/ distributor, but rather from these on line criminals. To add insult to injury, people try to return these to Environ for credit or replacement.

Fact: If you find an online store, Touch of Skin (they change their name frequently), fist of all you will see that their prices  are actually higher than in the United States. While they claim a 40% discount, it is yet another false statement. This is a come on and is patently not true.

Fact: Environ takes this matter very seriously. Every time Environ wins in court (Environ has never lost) they open up in another country or under another name. But, Environ still continues to pursue them with vigor.

Fact: It turns out that counterfeit product sellers provide false addresses. Their locations are empty lots or fictitious addresses.

Purchase your Environ products only from Authorized Stockist. Unique Verve is Environ Skin Care Products reseller/ stockist in Boston.

We carry all environ products and ranges. We also offer free shipping on all orders of $50 and more (within US).

If you would like place an order, please follow this link.

Environ Skin care Products in Boston at Unique Verve
Environ Skin Care Products Reseller

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