Extreme Cold Skin Care Tips for Winter Months

Environ Super Moisturizer+ is a great solution to extreme cold skin care, especially if living in the Boston area.
Eviron’s Super Moisturizer+

Extreme Cold Skin Care Tips:

We’ve been hit by extremely cold temperatures this winter. This without any doubt can be damaging for all skin types and conditions. First of all it effects dry, rosacea and eczema skin. It can also cause frost bites.

In order to protect the skin from extremely cold and freezing temperatures, use barrier repairing and protecting ingredients. Use moisturizing agents that provide long lasting hydrating benefits. We recommend Environ Super Moisturzer+.

If you are already using Environ products, Super Moisturizer+ should be applied on top of your recommended products. Don’t forget to apply your broad spectrum physical block every morning, even in the winter months to protect your skin from damaging UVA rays.
Cover your face with the scarf or ski mask when walking outside. When there is extreme cold, make sure to bundle up and protect skin that is exposed to the air (hands, face, ears).

Little measures (such as mentioned above) can prevent your skin from damaging effects and save your time and money in the future to fix compromised skin conditions.

Stay warm and protect your skin well!

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