Track the Progress of Your Skincare Products and Facials with Visia Skin Analysis at Unique Verve.

Have you ever wondered if your home skincare routine is appropriate for your skin type and skin condition?

Have you noticed any long-term effects after your facials? Do they treat just the symptom of your skin concern? Can they provide preventative, corrective and long-lasting results?

Most of us spend a lot of money on the products and various facial treatments. So wouldn’t it be nice to track the progress of your facials and see if your skincare products actually work?

We have answers to all of your questions!

Visia Skin Analysis at Unique Verve in Boston.
Visia Skin Analysis.

At Unique Verve in Boston, we offer a consultative and personalized approach to your skincare needs. Our effective, results-oriented facials start with the state of the art diagnostic Visia Skin Scanner. It captures underlying skin problems which you cannot see with the naked eye. It also gives complete analysis of your skin. As a result with Visia Skin Scanner you will be able to understand and learn a lot about your skin.

In the typical spa setting, magnifying lamp is used prior to the facials to analyze your skin. However this is not enough to determine what is going on with your skin and what your true skin type is. All it does is magnifies, like the name says. With Visia Skin Analysis we can determine true skin type, as this advanced machine shows your oil secretion, the count as well as the size of the pores presented in the skin. With the magnifying lamp it is not possible to see actual oil secretion.

Additionally, Visia skin scanner analyzes and gives a score on other aspects such as spots, texture, redness, fine lines and wrinkles.  Visia Skin Scanner also includes a special light bulb which allows us to see sun damage in sub-surface and deeper layers of the skin (both of which are not seen with the naked eye).

Track your results!

Visia Skin Analysis at Unique Verve in Boston, environ products
Visia Skin Analysis Before and After Pictures

With Visia Skin Analysis at Unique Verve we can do before and after pictures as well as side by side comparison. This enables you to see and track your skincare as well as facial treatment results. We work exclusively with Environ Skincare products that deliver long-lasting and noticeable results. Below picture shows significant improvement in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes which were achieved at Unique Verve with the customized facials and prescribed skincare products used at home.

We invite you to come and experience our unique approach to the facials for yourself.


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