Exfoliating Skin with Microbeads

Exfoliating Skin with Microbeads:

Illinois became the first state to ban the sale of cosmetics containing polyethylene microbeads last June. Exfoliating skin with microbeads, used in face and body products, have been found to do serious damage to not only skin, but to the environment as well. With Illinois leading the charge, several other states, including New York, Ohio, and Oregon, are reviewing legislation as small but vocal groups continue to push product manufacturers to change their ways.

The pressure to ban microbeads began in 2012 when activists from the non-profit environmental group 5 Gyres Institute found large quantities of the beads in the Great Lakes, damaging fish, and in turn, the wildlife, and people, who eat fish.

Resource: Skin Deep Magazine


I have been always against suggesting exfoliation using microbeads as I have seen many clients with compromised epidermis due to the use of such exfoliating methods.

During our advanced facials, we use only Environ’s exfoliating system which is extremely gentle, yet effective and does not involve the use of beads. It consists of the following products which can be used at home as well:

  1. AVST Pre-Cleansing Oil (for dry or reactive/sensitive skin types) or Sebuprep (for oily or acneic skin types)
  2. Alpha Cream or Alpha Gel  – one of these products can be added if you need to improve the texture of the skin. Both are based on glycolic and lactic acid which help to exfoliate the skin by speeding up cell turnover.
  3. AVST Hydrating & Exfoliant Masque (for dry or reactive/sensitive skin types) or Sebumasque (for oily or acneic skin types).
    Unique Verve Environ Facial Boston
    Environ AVST Pre-Cleansing Oil
    Environ Alpha Hydroxy Cream
    Environ Alpha Hydroxy Cream


    Unique Verve Environ Facial Boston
    Environ Hydrating Exfoliant Masque

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