Facial Improvement Pictures


Below you can see how effective are our facials by taking a look at Facial Improvement Pictures.
With our advanced Visia skin scanner we can measure the difference in real scores and numbers.
On the left hand side are the pictures before the facial. Pictures on the right were taken immediately following the facial on the same day. Score rating is as follows:

100% is the best

50% is average

below 50% – indicates that the score is below the average,

above 50% – respectively indicates above

All the scores are compared to other people’s results in the same age group, ethnicity and gender.

Facial Before and After Pictures showing the area around the eyes: Client’s fine line percentile score increased from 91% to 99%. When comparing before and post-facial pictures, we can notice that on after picture overall skin around the eyes, on the eyelids and upper cheeks looks smoother. There are less fine lines under the eyes as well as on the eyelids; pores on the upper cheeks appear less congested and smaller.

Facial Improvement Pictures - pictures taken before and right after the facial
Facial Improvement Pictures – area around the eyes and on the eyelids has less fine lines with much smoother, improved skin texture


Below is proof positive comparison of how soothing and calming our facials are. Despite stimulating factors such as steam, hot towels, massage and extractions, by the end of the facial we still see a significant reduction in overall redness. The score went up from 53% to 82%. Again, these pictures were taken on the day of the facial.


Facial Improvement Pictures - Reduction in Redness
Facial Before and After Pictures: Reduction in Redness. Our results-oriented facials are soothing and calming.


Another before and after picture done on the day of the facial. On this picture we can see a significant pore (size and quantity) reduction. The score went from 9% to 85%!


Facial Before and After Pictures - Reduction in Pore Size and Pore Count
Facial Before and After Pictures – Significant Reduction in Pore Size and Pore Count


An amazing feature of Visia is to show skin’s “true age”. Client’s skin scored 10 years younger than her actual age due to a combination of facial treatments, consistent home care and healthy lifestyle. We believe in empowering our clients with the “how’s” and “why’s” necessary to achieve the results possible through our First Time Facial consultation and process.


Facial Before and After Pictures - Client Scores 10 Years Younger than Her Actual Age!
Do you want your skin to look 10 years younger? Here is proof positive picture that it’s possible! We believe in empowering our clients with the “how’s” and “why’s” necessary to achieve impressive results and bring skin to it’s optimum health.





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