Anti Aging Skincare Treatment in Boston

A New Revolutionary Anti Aging Skincare Treatment is in Boston!

We are very happy to be the first skincare spa in the city of Boston to introduce and offer an innovative non-invasive anti aging  skincare treatment, CooLifting!

We carefully choose what products and modalities to use on our clients. Our skincare vision is to correct, repair and rejuvenate, while maintaining skin’s barrier at all times. Therefore we are delighted to announce that CooLifting fits into our skincare philosophy!

Look years younger in less than 15 minutes!

Anti Aging Skincare Treatment in Boston at Unique Verve
CooLifting delivers immediate results in less than 15 minutes! This is a real client of Unique Verve. Noticeable results after a single CooLifting procedure.

Read more about a CooLifting in our recent Press Release:

Watch a testimonial video  of our beautiful and talented client, Liz from Hera Sport.

Video credit: Jessica Kirschner.

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