Keys to A Toned Body

Essential Keys to a Toned Body that you need to know about:


Massage plays many roles in healthy functioning of the body. It helps to detoxify the body. The action of massage on cutaneous and subcutaneous structures enhances circulation of blood and lymph. As a result it increases supply of oxygen. The boost in circulation and oxygen aids the body in the removal of waste products and toxins. Massage strongly influences lymph flow – in fact, it has been shown to increase lymph flow rate by seven to nine times. Massage also helps tone underworked, cramped and weak muscles. Massage also helps – either directly or indirectly – in the functioning of internal organs.

Dry brushing also improves circulation and lymphatic flow.


Aromatherapy not only improves the mood. But, it also plays an active role in the elimination of toxins. It improves blood circulation and balances hormones. The molecules of essential oils that are applied to the skin pass through the epidermis. They are carried away by the capillary blood circulating in the dermis (skin). The molecules of essential oil then move into the lymphatic and extracellular fluids. Skin is our largest elimination organ. Essenteial oils work as rubbish collectors, attaching theselves to toxins, free-radicals, cell debris, heavy metals, renegade cells, fungi, bacteria, viruses and other waste and removing it from our body.

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A toxic buildup in the body can result in cellulite, an unhealthy appearance and stalled weight loss. When we drink plenty of water our skin radiates. When we are dehydrated it becomes dry and dull. Our body and skin needs water to activate enzymes. Enzymes are responsible for breaking down keratinocytes in our skin. Impaired enzyme function results in the build-up of dead cells, dryness, flakiness and black heads. Sufficient water intake is essential for healthy lymphatic flow. It helps to eliminate toxins and waste products. Drink 8 glasses of 8 ounce servings of water per day. Coffee, soda and juice do not count as water! By the time you feel thirsty your body is already experiencing the first stages of dehydration. Adequate water intake aids in detoxification.


Everything you eat should be freshly prepared. Food that should be avoided include fast food, boxed, fried, sweets, preserved or genetically modified. Whole foods are packed with anti-oxidants, which serve as anti-inflammatory agents for the body. What you eat can actually  enhance your skin from the inside out, protecting both skin and body against wrinkles, sagging, fat and cellulite. I always tell my clients that our skin is like a mirror that reflects our internal health on the  surface of the skin. If you want your skin to radiate and be healthy, stick to whole, organic and alkaline foods whenever possible.


Whether it is jogging, dancing, yoga, fast walking, Pilates or swimming, people need to move enough to burn more calories than they take in each day if they want to lose weight – any exercise increases circulation and lymphatic flow which promotes detoxification of the body. When we exercise, we need to allow ourselves to sweat freely. Perspiration is our body’s detoxifying and regulating system. The body uses sweat to carry toxins through the skin. When antiperspirants suppress the body’s need to expel toxins, they are left gathered under the arm and around the delicate breast tissue. Normal lymphatic drainage is critical to your overall health and physical appearance of the body.

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