pH Chart
Healthy Diet Cheat Sheet

The saying “We are what we eat” is true and never gets old.

In my skin care practice and by conducting thorough consultations before each facial, I can see how diet can impact the skin. As you probably know, the skin is our biggest external organ. It is also an organ of detoxification. As a result, waste products, toxins and sweat is released through the skin. Therefore diet not only impacts the skin. It also impacts other organs and systems. Your overall health and well-being also depends on your diet.

Unfortunately, nowadays many individuals are addicted to toxic foods.

Those foods cause inflammation throughout the body. Sugars, alcohol, and smoking are among the most inflammatory ones that also contribute to free radical damage. Most noteworthy is that sugar is extremely addictive!

Acne, rosacea, melasma, hyperpigmentation, and aging are all associated with inflammation of the skin.

Consuming foods filled with artificial ingredients, refined sugars, and preservatives, as well as drinking alcohol or sodas consequently creates inflammation and leaves our bodies unbalanced. Therefore, by eliminating acidic foods from our diet, we can  improve skin and an overall health.

Finally, the foods that balance the body are alkaline foods. Alkaline foods also help to reduce inflammation. Green leaves and citrus to be among the highest, which I especially recommend to eat daily. At least 80% of daily foods that you consume should be alkaline. 

Above is the pH food chart that can help you with your daily food selection.

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