Fight the Flu with a Functional Medicine

Fight the Flue with a Functional Medicine: As the cold winter months approach, many people prepare for the inevitable flu season. It has become almost a societal norm to expect to get sick during this time of year. However, what if I told you that frequent illness during the winter months is not normal? It’s […]

Amazing link between osteoporosis and wrinkles

Amazing link between osteoporosis and wrinkles is characterized by collagen loss. Skin yet again proves to be a reflection of our internal health. Just like for the skin, collagen is crucial for bone health. Therefore, premature aging can be used as a predictable sign of bone disease. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the […]


I wanted to share a success story of a client of mine. This client came to me in hopes, firstly to keep her gallbladder and prevent cholecystectomy. Secondly, she wanted to learn as to why she had an episode of developing gallstones. Thirdly, what she could do in order to avoid more stones from forming. […]

Omega 3 fish oil remarkable benefits in reducing inflammation

Omega 3 fish oil is the most researched nutrient on the planet since 1980. Even the aspirin has not been studied as much as Omega 3s. Omega 3s are commonly insufficient and surprisingly deficient in a lot of people. This deficiency precipitates downstream health impairments, and a wide variety of disease dynamics. Omega 3 index […]

Rosacea, high blood pressure gone

Is it possible to reverse high blood pressure, rosacea, acid reflux and bloating? Absolutely! I will be talking about my recent Functional Medicine client whose primary concern was rosacea. She’s been struggling with the rosacea her entire life. And to her surprise she has been experiencing flare ups despite using anti-biotics such as metronidazole and […]