My childhood beet salad.

My childhood beet salad will be your rescue if you are suffering from the constipation. As I am typing this blog my memories take me back to my childhood. My mom used to make this beet salad as a side dish when she was making stroganoff or cutlets accompanied by mashed potatoes or buckwheat. But you can really eat it with any dish you wish. It goes well with vegetarian dishes, chicken, meet, fish, and it’s addictive by itself.

My childhood beet salad requires few ingredients, inexpensive to make, delicious, and is based on the ingredients that support detoxification. Since we’ve been on the lockdown, I’ve been thinking of people who have been eating more refined carbs and sugars and now as a results are suffering from constipation, perhaps skin problems such as breakouts, acne, inflammation and irritation. So this salad will help to bring you a relieve. Healthy bowel movement should be at least once a day, ideally up to 3 times a day. Eat my childhood beet salad and Boom, in 24 hours you will feel the magic happening:)


Serves: 3 to 4, Preparation Time: 30 minutes


2 to 3 medium beets

4-8 gloves of garlic

1-3 TBS of Mayo

½ cup finely chopped walnuts 

½ squeezed lemon, to taste

Salt and pepper, to taste


  1. Wash the beets. Boil the beets whole in the skin, until they can be pierced with the fork. While beets are cooling.
  2. Chop or press the garlic with the garlic presser.
  3. Now, when the beets are cooled, peel the skin and shred the beets into the bowl.
  4. Combine sredded beets, garlic, chopped walnuts, lemon juice, mayo, salt and pepper to taste. 
  5. Voila! Bon Appetite. 
My Childhood Beet Salad


Beets: improved micro circulation and blood flow, detoxification, provide liver and gallbladder support = happy, healthy skin:)

Garlic: contains sulfur which is necessary for the most powerful antioxidant production, such as glutathione; anti-viral, anti-microbial = happy, healthy skin:)

Lemon juice: contains vitamin C which is needed for collagen and elastin production, boosts immune system, strengthens capillary walls = happy, healthy skin:)

Walnuts: rich in antioxidants and plant based omega 3 fats which help to reduce inflammation = happy, healthy skin:)

All of the above mentioned ingredients also support healthy gut function by providing our healthy microbes with the fiber and prebiotics = HAPPY, HEALTHY SKIN:)



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