Environ Skincare Products in Boston

Unique Verve exclusively works with Environ Products. We are Authorized Stockist of Environ Skincare!
Environ Skincare Products
We exclusively work with Environ Skincare Products to deliver noticeable and long lasting results.
We exclusively carry and work with Environ Skincare Products.

Environ – a beautiful skin for a lifetime:

There’s no such a thing as a quick fix when it comes to achieving healthy, beautiful skin.

Since ancient times, people have used cosmetics to try to improve their skin and to hide the effects of ageing. While offering the hopeful user the promise of being a “miracle in a jar”, until recently, most creams remained simple, old-fashioned moisturizers in progressively more modern and expensive packaging.

The introduction of vitamin A into skincare formulation was a groundbreaking moment, because it offered benefits to sun-damaged skin.  Prominent Cape Town plastic surgeon Dr Des Fernandes was a pioneer in this field. In the 1980s, he was one of the first to use vitamin A in high enough dose for a genuine, measurable effect on the quality of the skin.

Dr. Fernandes became interested in the mechanics of skin cancer and the skin following the ultimely deaths of two young patients due to melanoma. Through his research, he discovered the essential role of vitamin A in skin health. He also became determined to create treatments that would maintain healthy skin, eapecially as the incidence of sun-related skin disorders grows worldwide. Out of this, the Environ range and company were born.

Environ Skincare Products

The cornerstone of Environ treatments is vitamin A. Extensive medical research and trials have shown that vitamin A has a corrective effect on skin, smoothing it and softening and protecting it from the effects of ultraviolet radiation and free radicals. Its most important activity is to normalise the skin. It promotes the production of healthy collagen and elastin and improves the skin’s natural moisture, leading to healthy, younger-looking skin.

Environ draws on cutting-edge technology. It also combines proven botanicals, anti-oxidants and scientific principles. As a result Environ offers skincare ranges that address different needs and problems for people of all ages. Environ also follows European Union standards. In comparison EU prohibits 1500 ingredients, FDA only 150.

Unique Verve is proud to offer Environ products to it’s clients and to use Environ products during all facial treatments.

Environ does not allow online sales! You may risk of getting counterfeit or expired product! Purchase your Environ only from Environ Authorized Stockist/Reseller. Unique Verve is Authorized Reseller of Environ Products and we are also fully trained and certified to use Environ products.

Please feel free to contact Unique Verve for any questions or product consultation.

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