Skincare Expert in Boston

We are honored to announce that Natalie Maibenko has been selected as a skincare expert in Boston by a local radio station, Country 102.5.

Boston-based skincare expert Natalie Maibenko from Unique Verve on Newbury Street has the honor of winning Boston’s Best Facial title by InStyle Magazine, Allure Magazine, and Improper Bostonian along with winning Best of Boston (two times!) by Boston Magazine.  She draws from her years of experience to share her tips on tackling winter skin.

Skincare Expert in Boston

What are some of the problems/causes for skin in winter?

  • Cold, dry air and an indoor heat cause dryness, and worsens impaired skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and acne.
  • How to address this problem: make sure to integrate the products containing emollients such as Shea butter, glycerin, squalene, etc. Have a humidifier at home and the desk version if you have an office job. Skin loves water and moisture and it functions properly in the presence of water!

Do you have any tips to share?

  • Deep cleanse with a pre-cleansing oil which will help to soften the skin, decongest congested pores and gently remove dead skin cells while maintaining healthy skin barrier.
  • Use a toner based on AHA such as lactic acid – it will assist in gentle exfoliation and product absorption while improving hydration and reducing hyper-pigmentation.
  • Apply your products while skin is damp after the toner – this will ensure better product penetration. Apply your products in order of density, from thinnest to thickest. Don’t let your products just sit on the surface of the skin but massage them with the upward and outward strokes. Massage will improve the penetration rate of applied products as well as micro-circulation and lymphatic system which are essential for properly-functioning, healthy skin.
  • In the morning always apply physical SPF based on titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide (it’s the last step before the makeup) – despite the weather and season of the year we are always exposed to dangerous UVA rays!

What are some of your favorite products?

  • Environ Tri BioBotanical Revival Masque
    Environ Revival Masque

    The Environ Intensive Revival Masque–based on 3 gentle Alpha Hydroxy Acids (lactic, mandalic, asiatic acid) – hydrates, brightens, gives a lift, refines pores, increases the look of smoother, more youthful, radiant, rejuvenated skin.

  • Environ Focus Care Youth+ Tri-Peptide Complex Avance Elixir – based on 3 peptides. Trylagen (one of the peptides) is particularly powerful because it works on all aspects of collagen creation. This serum also contains Meritage, a blend of 3 roots used in Chinese medicine that has powerful brightening effect.
  • Excellent in the winter months, the Environ Intensive Hydrating Oil Capsules is also great for travel on airplanes, as a make-up primer and ESPECIALLY for smokers because of a special ingredient called beta sitosterol.
  • Environ Youth EssentiA Anti-Oxidant Defence Crème is packed with powerful anti-oxidants such as vitamin C, E, lycopene, green tea, rosemary extract, squalene, panthenol, jojoba Oil, Vitamin b12 and lutein. Lutein in this cocktail is particularly valuable because it filters high-energy blue light, which destroys vitamin C in the skin. Unfortunately with the new era of LED lights, laptops, gadgets etc. we are even more exposed to blue light than ever before! So this powerful antioxidant moisturizer helps to protect the skin from harmful free radicals created by high-energy blue light.

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